Pete Talks “Race Day”

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was both nervous, excited and intrigued. Everyone had told me that this was why we were getting up early to train on a Sunday morning. This was why I was heading straight from work to the river on a Wednesday evening. It was all for this. It was […]

Dragon Diaries: Nikki’s Story

If you ever make it to Loughborough Boat Club to try out Dragon Boating, the chances are the first laugh you’ll hear is Nikki’s! Joining the team in June 2016 Nikki has become an integral part of the team both in and off the boat. Read more on Nikki’s journey below… To start off, what […]

Dragon Diaries: Nicole’s Story

My first time walking up to the boat club I was full of apprehension and nerves and I clung to Nicole like a lost puppy. Nicole straight away included me in the little gathering before we got on the boat and we also went through our first race day together. Awarded our Most Improved Paddler […]

Dragon Diaries: The Holloways

Hello! So what got you started with Dragon Boating? We joined Soaring Dragons in Mach 2017 after seeing an advert for an Open Day on Facebook. Growing up everyone has hobbies and ways they enjoy to spend their free time. What is even better is when you can do these things as a family. Suzie, […]

Happy New Year!

Following a relaxing Christmas and New Years the Soaring Dragons are back on the River Soar getting ready for the 2019 season ahead… If your New Years resolution is to try something new, meet new people, get fitter, or if you just love water sports, Soaring Dragons meet at Loughborough Boat Club (LE12 5JN) on […]